Uncovering extraordinary talent

Sophie Pearson Casting’ brings together a passionately driven team who are focussed on uncovering new and extraordinary talent and working with established Irish and international actors and production companies.

We are committed to bringing new faces to the screen and through Sophie’s strong relationships with theatrical agents we will provide access to the best talent available. We are a full-service agency and will cater to the bespoke needs of your production and company. We pride ourselves on delivering work to the highest professional level in the most efficient and creative way possible.

Sophie’s passion for the industry

Before setting up her own casting agency, Sophie worked at BAFTA winning Des Hamilton Casting before leaving the bright lights of London for the rolling hills of Sligo. Sophie’s expertise has graced esteemed projects such as: “Journey’s End” (Directed by Saul Dibb), ‘The More You Ignore Me’ (Directed by Keith English), ‘Time of Our Lives’ (Directed by Roger Goldby), and ‘Star Fish’ (Directed by Bill Clark) while working as an associate for the renowned Ros and John Hubbard at Hubbard Casting.
Sophie’s passion for the industry led her to Des Hamilton Casting, where she flourished as a Casting Director and played an instrumental role in noteworthy ventures like “Hilma” (Directed by Lasse Hallström), the Netflix sensation “Top Boy,” the mesmerising “The King” (Directed by David Michôd), and the delightful “Jojo Rabbit” (Directed by Taika Watiti). Sophie also has a master’s in media law so is well equipped for all your casting needs.

Sophie’s extensive credits include:

  • Netflix – Top Boy (created by Ronan Bennett) 
    – The Company won a BAFTA for the casting of S3.- Casting Associate 
  • Stockholm Bloodbath (Directed by Mikael Håfström) – Casting Director 
  • This England (Michael Winterbottom) – TV Series – Casting 
  • Jojo Rabbit (Directed by Taika Waititi) – Casting Assistant 
  • The King (Directed by David Michod) – Casting Assistant
  • Hilma (Directed By Lasse Hallstrom) – Casting Director
  • The Windermere Children (Directed by Michael Samuels) – Casting Associate 
  • Looted (Directed by Rene Van Pannevis) – Casting Associate 
  • Ordinary Love (Directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn) – Casting Assistant 
  • My First Film (Directed by Zia Anger) – Casting 
  • Yellow Tie (Directed by Serge Joan Celebidach) – Casting Associate 
  • Mission of Honor (Directed by David Blair) – Casting Assistant 
  • The More You Ignore Me (Directed by Keith English) – Casting Assistant 
  • Journey’s End (Directed by Saul Dibb) – Casting Assistant 
  • The Time of Their Lives (Directed by Roger Goldby) – Casting Assistant 
  • Starfish (Directed by Bill Clarke) – Casting Assistant
  • Interlude In Prague (Directed by John Stephenson) – Casting Assistant 
  • Bees Make Honey (Directed by Jack Eve) – Casting Assistant 
  • Head Full of Honey (Directed by Til Schweiger) – Casting Assistant 
  • The Warrior Queen of Jhansi (Directed by Swati Bhise) – Casting Assistant 


  • The Barber (Directed by Dhivya Kate Chetty) – Casting Director
  • My Darling Amelia (Directed by Talor John Marshall) – Casting and production.
  • 11th Hour (Directed by Jim Sheridan) – Casting Assistant
  • The Widows Last (Directed by Vanessa Perdiau) – Casting Assistant
  • Thousand Yesterdays (Directed by Robbie Bryant) – Casting Assistant
  • Pricks (Directed by Toby Kearton) – Casting Director